Google Guarantee revolutionizes the customer experience when searching for your services. This program gives a potential customer the digital first impression of your business and makes them aware of the fact that Google guarantees your company is reliable, and trustworthy.


Essentially Google puts your company through a screening process. This is an extensive process where Google does a background check on your company, makes sure your company is licensed, does an insurance check, and screens your reviews and ratings. This is to verify that they can ‘guarantee’ that you have the best service, and are a reliable, trustworthy company. It is also because Google is now going to be offering a refund if someone is not completely satisfied with the work your company has done.

Google verifies that advertisers hold applicable state, provincial and/or country-level licenses for businesses and owners/managers, to the extent practical. The licenses Google has verified for each advertiser are displayed on their provider profile.

Each provider’s business must carry general liability insurance coverage for work performed. Google will require that you submit a copy of your insurance policy during account setup.

Yes, you can absolutely add pictures to your listing! The pictures on your Google Guaranteed profile have very specific sizing requirements. We can help you set up your profile for maximum effectiveness.

Yes, Google does a background check on your company! This background check is absolutely free to you, and is done through a company called “Evident.” This typically takes anywhere between 2-5 weeks, depending on Google’s ability to get to everyone.

Yes, that’s part of the beauty of it! You can change the budget and modify as you need.

Google will email you each time someone calls your business from the Google Guarantee advertisement, making tracking a breeze. Even better, Google records the phone calls so that your company can actively train your call-takers and can also get the maximum return on investment.

Yes, you can pick and choose each city as needed. This gives you the ability to pick precisely which areas you’d like to target. If you take a look at the map to the left, this is the process for choosing your locations using the Google Guarantee program. It’s quite straightforward and makes it easy for you and your business to pick and choose the exact zip codes you’d like to advertise in.

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